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Autumn in the Han Palace (Classical Chinese Tragedies) - (wf16)

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Autumn in the Han Palace (Classical Chinese Tragedies) : Author:Ma Zhiyuan ISBN: 780005549 Publisher:New World press Date published: 2001-01-01 Format: Paperback Number of pages: 299 Ma Zhiyuan adopts the unusual approach of making Emperor Yuan the hero throughout the play. He also highlights the ruthlessness of the Huns. When the Hun envoy arrogantly demands that the emperor surrender Wang Qiang, accompanying his demand with threats, Prime Minister Wulu Chongzong can come up with no plan to thwart the khan???s evil designs, but urges Emperor Yuan to hand Wang Qiang over ???for the sake of the country.??? The emperor complies, ???relying on a beauty to bring to the world.??? The effect is a revelation of the rottenness and helplessness of feudal monarchy, exposing to root of the love tragedy involving Emperor Yuan and Wang Qiang.