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Apoplexy (Chinese Medicine Massage Cures Diseases in Good Effects ) - (WK39)

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Apoplexy (Chinese Medicine Massage Cures Diseases in Good Effects ) : (1 DVD 52 minutes, All region, Subtitles: Chinese, English) Apoplexy, another name for encephalamia-a disease that the obstacle in partial blood circulation caused by the rupture of closing up of the blood circulation system of the brain leads to functional barrier in the nerves of the brain. There are lots of factors contributing to apoplexy, for example: change in climate, being exited and over-tired, overexerting oneself, immoderate eating, changes in body gestures, etc. Massage can serve the effects of dredging the vessels, promoting blood circulation and vital energy in main and collateral channels, and eliminating the symptoms of apoplexy, so as to promote the recovery of the sports function of the paralyzed limbs. As long as the patients keep on with the therapies with the cupping therapy, acupuncture and moxibustion, as well as enhance functional exercises, they will receive satisfying therapeutic effect.