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An Illustrated Handbook of Traditional Chinese Health Preservation - (WH58)

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An Illustrated Handbook of Traditional Chinese Health Preservation : Ancient Chinese civilization accumulated a wealthof experience in health preservation, much of whichhas been handed down to the present day. An Il-lustrated Handbook of Traditional Chinese Health Pres-ervation draws on documents of traditional Chineseand Tibetan medicine, cultural relics and archeolog.ical findings to present 26 sets of pictures regardingqigong, daoyin, diet and living habits, dating from theWarring States Period ?475-221 BC? to 1911. It alsoprovides a brief introduction to the birth, develop-ment, changes and practice modes of each method. This book was compiled by leading experts on thedocuments and literature of traditional Chinesemedicine. The pictures, mostly photocopied or re-produced from the originals, are all exquisite andrare works of the past, and demonstrate the distinc-tive traditional Chinese characteristics of this ap-proach to health care. The book may serve as a reference for those whowish to practice the exercises to preserve health andprolong life, as well as a valuable data source forlovers and researchers of traditional Chinese healthpreservation. Translated from nearly 100,000 characters in theChinese edition, the book contains about 700 pic-tures and adopts a format of 150x223 ram.