About Us

Great Wall Bookstore was established in Chinatown Plaza in 1995. Filled to capacity with books, CDs, and DVDs.. Great Wall Bookstore has been open in the heart of Las Vegas for 23 years. What you can expect to find in our bookstore is intimacy and quality. Each book is handpicked before it hits the shelves. Through the years the success of this devotion to excellence and the generous dedication of our patrons have allowed Great Wall Bookstore to expand and grow. It has become true to its name with vast walls of books and

knowledgeable staff. Now, Great Wall Bookstore is your one stop shop for Chinese DVDS, CDs, art, and toys. Whether you’re looking for Sanrio’s Hello Kitty accessories, the newest DVD from China or from Hong Kong, or a unique Chinese bronze statue for your home, Great Wall Bookstore is for you.

I was 8 years old when the Bookstore first opened and, for years, my weekends were packed with its massive amounts of books and CD’s. Over the years Great Wall Bookstore has been many things to me. When I was young, it was a safe haven: a place where I ran to during tag, where I could find a back room to sleep in when I got tired, and where I would hide during Chinese New Year from fireworks and dancing dragons. When I was older, it became my weekend school: a place where I could sit and read for hours, where I discovered my now deep love of literature, and where I could learn how to give change in Chinese.

Today, looking back on its history with insight, I see that the Bookstore also meant a lot to many other people. To the customers that came every morning for the newspaper, it was a dependable constant. To the employees that worked there, it was a good job. But, most of all, to my father, it was an achievement. His inventory is filled by books he loves and music he reveres: everything is carefully selected by his watchful eye. Eleven years later, this dedication to excellence is what has made Great Wall Bookstore successful. Through the years it has expanded and grown and now we are happy to provide access to our store online. Perhaps you will find as much joy in it as we do. We hope you find everything you’re looking for and more. Have fun shopping and, with luck, you allow us to bring a piece of the Great Wall to you.