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A World of Fine Restaurants in Beijing - (WC0P)

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A World of Fine Restaurants in Beijing : total 245 pages, with English translation and color pictures. When traveling around the world, for visitor venturing to new restaurants, the first delectable mouthful always leaves an indelible impression. Beijing, China???s capital, an increasingly internationalized and diversified metropolis, has become a gathering point for the fines cuisines from all over the country as well as around the world. Through this variety of foods, Chinese people can taste flavors from other lands, and people from overseas will feel more at home in Beijing. ??? Every meal, every day, enrich our life with delicious cuisine. ??? Under such a concept, A World of Fine Restaurants in Beijing collects over 250 dining spots of choice in seven catefories, including ??? International Cuisine,??? ??? Business Dining,??? and ??? Private Dining.??? It provides the address, phone number, average price per head for a meal and payment forms, along with the specialties of every restaurant. Thanks to the contents layout and the index, according to dish styles, regions or other features, the book is also very appealing and easy to use.