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A retrospective of Chinese Literature - Ancient Chinese Fictions - (WF0B)

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A retrospective of Chinese Literature - Ancient Chinese Fictions : Table of Content(Jin) Gan Bao - Han Ping and his wife, The Sword Maker(Jin) Tao Qian - The Lady of the White Stream(Southern) Liu Yiqing - The Tiantan Mountain Stream, The Powder Girl(Tang) Bai Xingjian - Story of a Singsong Girl (Song) Anonymous - The Story of Li Shishi, The Jade Goddess of Mercy(Ming) Luo Guanzhong - Jiang Gan Springs a Trap, The Death of Yang Xiu(Ming) Shi naian - Major Lu Pummels the Lord of the West, Lin Chong in the Mountain Spring Temple(Ming) Ma Zhongxi - The Wolf of Zhongshan(Ming) Feng Menglong - The Old Gardener(Qin) Pu Songling - The Cricket, A Dream of Wolves, Yingning, Sunset Cloud(Qin) Wu Jingzi - Fang Jin Passes Provincial Examination(Qin) Cao Xueqin - Lin Daiyu Moves in Rong Mansion, A Confunded Monk Ends a Confunded case(Qin), Liu E - Enjoying Songs in the Lake Pavilion