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A Dream of Red Mansions (4-Volume Set) [BOX SET] - (wf07)

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A Dream of Red Mansions (4-Volume Set) [BOX SET] : Author: Cao Xueqin Gao E Publisher:Foreign Languages Press Date published:2001-01-01 Edition: Format:Paperback Number of pages:1887 Also Known as Hong Lou Meng, this is arguably China'a greatest literary masterpiece. A chrionicle of a noble family in the eighteen century; but the splendor of enchanting gardens, pleasure pavilions, and daily life to the most sophisticated redinments hides the realities of decay and self-destruction. The celebrated Chinese classic novel is a masterpiece of realism written in the middle of the 18th century. Talking as its background the decline of several related big families and drawing much from his own experience, the author Cao Xueqin focused on the tragic love between Jia Boayu and Lin Daiyu, in the meantime , provides a panorama of the lives of people of various levels in the degenerating empire. But he left the work unfinished(or the last 40 chapters were lost). Gao E (c.1738-c. 1815) completed the work some years later in much of Gao???s spirit and also put in his own revelation, which aroused protracted controversy throughout centuries. Exposing social evils, the book cries out denunciation against the feudal system. All techniques of literary merit developed in previous have been incorporated into the great work with much originality .