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A Dream of Red Mansion Music (2 Audio CDs) - (WY2P)

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A Dream of Red Mansion Music (2 Audio CDs) : Disc 1: 1. Prelude 2. Tune of Burying Petals 3. A sad departure 4. A sigh of the maid Xiang-ling 5. For my loved maid Qing-wen 6. Song of love pea 7. Handkerchief melody 8. A raining and windy afternoon in Autumn 9. Avoid being over-smart 10. For the perfect coupleDisc 2: 1. Moonlight of Spring river 2. Perfect conjugal bliss 3. Meeting in pavilion 4. Purple bamboo tune 5. Xiao and drum played under the setting sun 6. Flickering light of a candle 7. Plum blossom melody 8. Toll of the monastery 9. Crescent of Wu hours 10. Mandarin ducks are playing on the water 11. Su-san picked tea 12. Suceed in the imperial examination