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36 Melodies of Guzheng - (WY1B)

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36 Melodies of Guzheng - (WY1B)

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36 Melodies of Gu Zheng : 01. Fengyang Flower Drum 02. Purple Bamboo Melody 03. Plucking Tea and Catching the Butterflies 04. Nan Zheng Gong 05. Crying Yanhui 06. Melody of Xiao Kai Shou 07. Memory 08. Mulan Joining the Army 09. Puppy Love 10. Shepherd Su Wu 11. The Ballad of Yellow River 12. Moon On Guan Mountain 13. Autumn Moon on a Placid Lake 14. Cutting the Blue Flower 15. Yang Cuixi 16. The Thunder across the Dry Days 17. Birds Adorning the Phoenix 18. Autumn Feeling of Desolation 19. Swing Golden Snake 20. Taste the Fall 21. Farewell to the Crane 22. Bei Zheng Gong 23. Plucking upon the Barrels 24. The Butterfly in Love with Flower 25. Rosy Cloud Chasing the Moon 26. Folded Green 27. Love melody of West Wing-room 28. Letter for my hometown 29. The Billow Washing the Beach 30. Thirty-three Ban 31. Fishman?????s Song on Dusky River 32. The High Mountain and the Flowing Water 33. Night Rain Struck the Banana Leaves outside Window 34. Wild Geese Alighting on sand Beach 35. Rain Pattering on the Banana Leaves 36. Busy Spinning and Weaving