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古龙精品集:浣花洗剑录(朗声插画版)(套装共3册) (WBKH)

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此书完全摆脱复仇之传统主题,以东瀛武士前来中土追求武道展开序幕,对于武功之描述亦完全摆脱传统,崇尚“道法自然”之旨,阐述武学之真谛乃包蕴于星辰升 沉、草木枯荣、流水连绵及日月运行之中,此天地之间,四时兴替之生生不息的自然现象,即是最博大精深之武学大宗师,亦即我中原武道一以贯之的精髓。此道法 自然之说正与我固有道家养生之理论相吻合。
内中主角方宝儿之聪敏清灵,小公主之刁钻娇憨,白衣人之醉心武道,胡不愁之博学强记,水天姬之冰雪聪 明,万老太太之欺善怕恶,王半侠之半侠半狂,五行魔宫人物多彩多样,无不描述生动,跃然纸上。论人物与情节之丰富及趣味性,道法自然之原创性,本书真乃古 龙截断众流,自成一派的神来之笔!This book is unlike others which take the traditional theme of revenge. It started with Japanese warriors pursuing martial art in China. Its description about martial art is unusual as well, which can be seen from its upholding the aim of ""the Tao following nature"". It tells us that the truth of martial arts lie in the function of everything in nature such as the stars, plants, waters and the sun and the moon. Four seasons change one after and another. All these are natural phenomenon. This idea goes just in line with the theory of self-cultivation of Taoism. The characters in this book are all described vividly. You can see the intelligent Fang Baoer, wily princess, hardworking Hu Buchou, smart Shui Tianjin, Man-in-white who was much involved in martial art, old lady Wan who bullied the kind and feared the evil, and Wang Half-warrior who was almost crazy. In terms of the richness of characters, enjoyment of the story, and the originality of applying the Daoist principle, this book written by Gu Long is definitely the first of its kind.