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2017 Year of the Rooster Chinese Almanac (Tong Sheng or Tung Shing) - Chinese Edition, NO English (WBA1)

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2017 Year of the Sheep Chinese Almanac (Tong Sheng or Tung Shing) - Chinese Edition, NO English : Note that the front cover of the book may be different because this book was published with five different front covers. The Tong Sheng originated from the Wang Li (the "Yellow Calendar"), which is rumored to have been written by the Yellow Emperor. It has changed its form numerous times throughout the years during all the dynasties. Most of the contents of the book deals with what is suitable to do on each day. Some Chinese families still follow these days for wedding ceremonies, funerals, etc. The most common use of the Tung Shing is in choosing a wedding date. The Tung Shing contains information on the auspicious and inauspicious days for weddings and/or engagements. In addition, it provides the auspicous timing in which to carry out such activities. The Tung Shing also provide a conversion of years and date between the lunar year and the common year. In more detailed versions, the calendar will list eclipses (both solar and lunar), the start of each season, and days when it will be cold or hot. It also teaches ethics and values through stories. Tung Shing versions in Hong Kong and Taiwan come from two late-Qing versions. This version is most popular in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China