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古龙精品集:孤星传(朗声插画版)(套装共2册) 平装 (WBKG)

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较 之古龙,一个外文系出身,富有西方新文艺修养,满怀热情理想的青年,一心想将西方文学之笔法与意境带入武侠小说内,但基于当年台湾文坛之闭塞,以及政府之 保守作风,他几乎是孤身奋战。在本书中,古龙努力地营造一份自内容到笔法都与传统武侠不相同的现代文学意境,他希望(事实也证明他终于成功了)能够走出一 条自己的路来,就好像在静寂的夜空中缓缓升起的一颗星辰。Stars will never be lonely. Only that some rise up earlier and some later. Even those covered by clouds can finally show up. This is a rule. Always have, always will. This book is one of novels written by Gu Long. His novels pay more attention to human nature. always describes the subtle and complicated human emotions with detailed and sentimental words. Through the sharp contradiction between life and death, and happiness and pain, his works will demonstrate characters inner world and noble and independent personality, by which the meaning and truth of life can be revealed.