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10-Minute Primer: Nunchaku - (WR10)

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10-Minute Primer: Nunchaku : Pub Date: 2013-12-01 Pages: 101 Language: English Publisher: Foreign Languages ??Press Teaching you how to exercise briefly. where and when you want it. is the intention of this book The author urges the reader to form this habit of. health maintenance for practice any time. anywhere. The book advocates that we put to use every bit of idle tiene for exercise. improving our health little by little. Over time we will form healthy habits and gradually enhance our physical function. About the Author Zhouqing Jie. Academic and Professional Organizations. Director. Sports Exchange Research Center. China Foreign Affairs University. Vice Director. Sports Association of International Students of Universities and Colleges. Beijing. Sixth Duan. Chinese Wushu Association (Level 6 of Wushu Duanwei). Distinguished expert of the . Martial Arts and Research Center for the International Prom...